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!!! Attention !!!

As a current occasion, I ask all users to read this article about the impending chat control 2.0 - please join!


"jabber-germany.de" provides various services like XMPP, SearXNG, DoH/DoT, NTP/NTS etc. hosted by myself. The main reason I run these services is because I like to be in control of my own data where feasible. The easiest way to accomplish that is to host the services I use. I make them public and maintain them simply because I want to.


Due to the increased incidence of spam messages, a registration is required from now on. There are two options available:

  1. Send an email to the address below with the desired name to be registered. The account will be created as soon as possible and a response with a temporary password will be sent. Please use this way in case you want to get recovered (or reset) your password at a later stage as this is only way to verify you unambiguously.
  2. Use the web registration form. Please note that resetting the password with this method is not trivial in case of password loss. If in doubt, please select option 1 (see above).

I hope for your understanding, the fight against spam has become an important issue, and this new method of registration finally helps all users.

By using this server to communicate with third parties you agree that data will be passed to third parties. Messages sent to other users are subject to policies those users agreed to.

The current configuration is as follows:

Recommended OpenSource XMPP/Jabber clients are :

Privacy Policy:

Things that are being stored:

Things that are not being stored:


DNS, DNS-over-TLS, DNS-over-HTTPS, NTP/NTS, NTFY and SearXNG engine:

The server is running an open, caching-only DNS server as part of the OpenNIC project and can be used by any user, too, of course. The details are as follows:

In addition feel free to use the anonymous SearXNG instance: https://www.jabber-germany.de/searx

Latest changes, news and updates:

Have fun ;-) !!!

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